Inside Tihar, wrestler Sushil Kumar gives ‘fitness tips’ to Omar Khaled and his other guests

New Delhi: ThePrint has learned Olympic medalist Sushil Kumar, who is being held in Delhi’s Tihar prison on murder charges, giving bodybuilding and fitness advice to other inmates, including University of New Jersey researcher Omar Khaled.

Khaled A source at the prison, who was arrested under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in 2020 in connection with the riots in North East Delhi that took place earlier that year – said in the same ward as Kumar.

There are several prisons in Tihar, and within these prisons are different wards consisting of cells for prisoners.

Kumar is being deposited in Jail No. 2. He is accused of killing Sagar Dhankar, a 23-year-old junior wrestler, after an altercation at Chhatrasal Wrestling Academy on May 4 last year. It was alleged that Dhankar was beaten with hockey sticks, baseball bats and batons, resulting in his death, after which Kumar escaped and remained on the run for more than three weeks.

According to a source on Tihar, Kumar does his daily workout routine for more than two hours Which includes push-ups, sit-ups, and jogging in place Inside his cell, “many people are interested in bodybuilding and fitness, just watching him work out.”

The sources said that many prisoners then began asking him for “bodybuilding tips”.

“While he exercises mostly inside his cell, sometimes he also does it outside when the cells open and inmates can go out, between 6am and 12pm. He gets up early and follows a strict exercise routine. He has not been given any equipment,” the source told ThePrint. He uses his own body weight for exercise.

Tihar inmates get a few hours out of their cells between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m., and then 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., every day. This is the time when they can talk to others in their ward and move around.

ThePrint contacted Khaled’s attorney, Senior Advocate Trideep Pais, by phone for comment on this report but there was no response.

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‘Guests ask him about fist locks, building muscle and losing weight’

Asked if Kumar is training any of the inmates for bodybuilding, the source said, “Not now.”

“He doesn’t coach anyone in bodybuilding, but he definitely got people interested in fitness. When inmates come out of their cells for those stationary hours, they talk to each other. Since Kumar is a wrestler, people are interested to know about his fitness, and some bodybuilding advice. , which he is very happy to share,” the source said.

“Inmates ask him to suggest exercises that build muscle. Some are asking about weight loss or even techniques like fist locks, pins, throws and takedowns,” the source added.

The source further said that although Kumar gives his fellow wrestlers tips on what a wrestler’s diet should include to gain muscle, he was not given any special diet.

“He is given natural and nutritious food. The source added that he did not ask for any special food.”

(Edited by Gitanjali Das)

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